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Our Team

We have an experienced and professionally focused team of Chartered Accountants supported by senior advocates, company secretaries and attorneys who are dedicated to provide efficient services in a consistent manner.

  • V. N. Purohit, F.C.A, LLB, Senior Partner
  • O. P. Pareek, F.C.A, Partner
  • R. K. Mali, F.C.A, DISA(ICAI), Partner
  • S. Ganguly, A.C.A, Partner
  • Harsh Vardhan Bhardwaj, A.C.A, DISA(ICAI), Partner
  • Gaurav Joshi A.C.A, Partner
  • Kamalesh Kumar Sankla, A.C.A, Partner
  • M. L. Bhanawat, F.C.A, Network Partner
  • G. P. Kundu, F.C.A, Network Partner
  • Ajoydeep Das, A.C.A, Network Partner
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